Better Arcade Mode is Future Pinball MOD .

BAM is  Freeware.

  • What’s wrong with Arcade Mode?

    • Isometric view. Resulting in a lack of perspective. All the elements are shown at the same angle. Such view makes pinball cabin unreal.
    • Inconvenient adjustment of the table.
    • Need to setup parameters as position of the camera and light by editing windows registry.
  • What BAM is giving.

    • After loading the table, it is automatically centered and scaled to fill whole screen.
    • Easy to change the position of the table, camera, lighting and immediate affect of the changes.
    • No need of registers changes.
    • Automatic read / write changes for selected table (you can have different settings for different tables).

    But BAM was made not for any of those reasons. It changes the rendering and by that makes table looks like real one.

  • Current BAM status:


    • Works (at last partialy) with frontends like HyperPin, Pinball X
    • Support for two monitors setup.
    • Scaling of table & backbox.
    • More flexible light params.
    • Correct 3D perspective.
    • Real time tracking of player-head to give feel of depth for pinball table. 
    • Stereoscopic 3D: Anaglyph glasses for ordinary screens, Passive and Active glasses for 3D TV/monitors.
    • Future Pinball internal physics files on the fly replacment.
    • Advanced rendering: per pixel lighting, Normal/Displacment Maps.


    Supported Head Tracking:

    • WiiMotes Cam (2x WiiMotes used to trace IR-LED on player head).
    • WebCam / PS3 Eye cam (Player face is traced to modifi camera position in 2 axis: X & Y).
    • Head Tracking with two PS3 Eye cams.
    • Microsoft Kinect.


    Work in progres:

    • Finish manual