Better Arcade Mode is a Future Pinball MOD .

BAM is  Freeware.

  • Oculus Rift / HTC Vive support (Work In Progress)

    VR mode in Future Pinball is now in beta state.

    Tested with:

    • Oculus Rift DK2, Geforce 550 Ti, win 8.1, oculus sdk 0.8
    • Oculus Rift DK2, Geforce 550 Ti, win 8.1, oculus home 1.3.2
    • Oculus Rift DK1 (thanks Gimli)
    • Oculus Rift CV1 (thanks Tortri)
    • HTC Vive (thanks RollBall)

    Links: BAM-OpenVR, Future Pinball


    Quick manual:

    1. Download & install Future Pinball. (Please install it in default dir: c:gamesFuture Pinball).
    2. Download and save it in Future Pinball dir (c:gamesFuture Pinball). When unpact it.
    3. Run FPLoader.exe as Administrator. (It should be in c:gamesFuture PinballBAM-OpenVR). It should load Future Pinball. Now load any table and press F5.


    For HTC Vive:

    You don't need to install anything more. You already have SteamVR installed.


    For Oculus Rift:

    1. Enable Unknown Sources in Oculus Home. Go to Settings, on left menu, click General then toggle "Unknow Sources".
    2. Install Steam. Install SteamVR (
    3. SteamVR Beta needed. In Steam select "properties" of SteamVR, go to last tab (Beta) and from combobox select "beta - SteamVR beta update". Steam should download last beta version of SteamVR.


    In game menu.

    Press Q to show menu.

    • Tracking orgin : Seated or Standing
    • Scale: 0.2 - 5.0 (default = 1)
    • Start cam position: X,Y,Z - you may change "home" position. Z value is used only when Tracking Orgin = Seated.
    • AA Mode: Off, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x
    • VSync - it work better for me when it is set to "Off".
    • Home key. Default: F12 - This key is to reset camera position.
    • Frame latency. Default: 0 - In case of motion sickness try -1 or 1


    More info:


    ToDo list:

    • Add SSAO.
    • Check performance with AMD Radeons.

    Updated: 2016 may 11 - fixed oculus home 1.3 support

  • What’s wrong with Arcade Mode?

    • Isometric view. Resulting in a lack of perspective. All the elements are shown at the same angle. Such view makes pinball cabinet unreal.
    • Inconvenient adjustment of the table.
    • Need to setup parameters such as position of the camera and light by editing windows registry.
  • What BAM is giving.

    • After loading the table, it is automatically centered and scaled to fill the whole screen.
    • Easy to change the position of the table, camera, lighting and immediately show the changes.
    • No need for registry changes.
    • Automatic read / write changes for selected table (you can have different settings for different tables).

    But BAM was not made  for any of these reasons, but because it changes the rendering and makes tables look real !

  • Current BAM status:


    • Works with "Arcade Mode"  and with limited options also works with "Desktop Mode"
    • Works with frontends like HyperPin, Pinball X
    • Support for two monitor setup.
    • Scaling of table & backbox.
    • More flexible light params.
    • Correct 3D perspective.
    • Real time tracking of players head to give feel of depth for pinball table. 
    • Stereoscopic 3D: Anaglyph glasses for ordinary screens, Passive and Active glasses for 3D TV/monitors.
    • Future Pinball internal physics files on the fly replacment.
    • Advanced rendering: per pixel lighting, Normal/Displacment Maps.
    • You can now pan around arcade room to view room and table art from within "Arcade Mode" (Forced Arcade Mode and Animation Sequencer)


    Supported Head Tracking:

    • "FreeTrack" support for WebCams (In real-time Player's face position modifies camera position in 2 axis: X & Y).  This is a non infrared solution "noir" and may not track as smoothly as the following IR solutions:
    • WiiMotes Cam (2x WiiMotes used to trace IR-LED on player head).
    • Dual PS3 Eye cams.
    • Microsoft Kinect face tracking and skeletal tracking
    • Microsoft Kinect 2


    Work in progress:

    • Overhaul Menu system for Basic/Advanced users
    • Overhaul online Manual to reflect these changes and recent BAM features